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3 Good reasons to hire a live band for your event!

Dernière mise à jour : 7 mars 2019

Hiring a live band for your event

Live band for your event: authentic and spectacular entertainment!

So you've decided to hire a good live band for your company event? Problem. You're the only one on your social commitee contemplating that option. Here are 3 good reasons to present your live band project to your collegues.

1. Rediscover authenticity

Just a few years ago, NOT having an orchestra or musicians at an event was simply unthinkable! So when's the last time you've seen a live band performance other than in a bar or on TV? Not often, right? In the digital age we're in, people have simply forgotten that music comes from...musicians and their instrument! Having a DJ play your songs or plugging your Iphone into a speaker without ever seeing and interacting with the artists behind the music has sadly become the norm. Distant, impersonal music...

But when you hire a live band to play for your event, and the guests see and hear the musicians play, they're simply amazed to rediscover a side of music they've completely forgotten about! Hearing and dancing on their favorite songs to the beat of live musicians, on stage is now becoming a real treat! Cheers to warm, authentic, and personal music!

2. The spectacular element

When you need your event to be a big success, you have to add a spectacular element to it! A unique evening needs a unique touch. Forget the lazers and smoke show and keep it simple. Hiring a good band for your event comes with its dazzling side. Upon their arrival, the guests are excited at the prospect of seeing live musicians play on stage. Not only will they be dancing, but they'll also have a show to feast on! Having musicians communicating their passion from a stage is quite simply dazzling! Never unederestimate the interactive side of a live band! It will take your party to another level of excitement!

3. Not as expensive as you might think!

Yes, hiring a band costs more than a DJ! But how much more? Should we annihilate the company social fund? It's hard to define the price of an orchestra in advance, especially because of its size and your particular needs, but here's a simple approximation. One dj (one person), say a $ 1000. A medium-sized orchestra (six musicians), say $ 3000. Often, the orchestra you hire also includes a jazz trio for the welcome cocktail, a DJ mix, their sound system, and a light show ... do you still find it more expensive than a DJ? It's up to you to see what's right, but if you're planning your party well in advance, it's easy to plan your budget accordingly.

So, your hiring a band idea was good! Go see your boss and colleagues of the organizing committee! Here's to real music for a real party!

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